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The Code of Federal Regulations

May contain: gravel, road, truck, vehicle, transportation, person, car, outdoors, pickup truck, waterfront, and water

The Code of Federal Requlations, 43 CFR Part 429 (Use of Bureau of Reclamation Land, Facilities, and Waterbodies), and 43 CFR Part 423 (Public Conduct On Bureau of Reclamation Facilities, Lands, and Waterbodies) and 43 CFR Part 420 (Off Road Vehicle Use)  will be used to protect the federal resource and maintain law and order and safe-guard persons and property associated with recreation activities within the Pine River Project .  The "Pine River Project Recreation Management Plan (March 2023)" will also be used as a companion document to enforce and accomplish these objectives.  


Public Conduct of Bureau of Reclamation Facilieis, Lands and Waterbodies Part 423.pdfUse of Bureau of Reclamaton Land, Facilites and Waterbodies CRF 429.pdfCFR-2011-title43-vol1-part420.pdf


Note - The "Recreation Management Plan (Plan), Pine River Project, will be included as an accessible document when the final is completed.  The Plan is schedule for completion by March 31, 2023.