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Establishing Fee Pricing Levels for the Recreation Permits

The adjusting and setting of recreation permit fees are accomplished by a simple recreation fee comparative analysis with other neighboring recreation projects.  These sites include Lake Nighthorse, Navajo State Park, Navajo Lake Marina, Lake Farmington, and Lake Capote.   Our goal at the PRP is to be competitive and provide a value to those who choose to recreate at Vallecito Lake.  In general, the PRID has learned that smaller fee increases over more frequent periods of time are more generally agreeable and acceptable to the public than large fee increases over a several years period.  We invite the public to participate in the adjustment of fees at the PRP. 


Regulation of the Vallecito Reservoir Water Elevations and Impacts on Recreation

The PRID and VCSA recognize the fluctuation in water elevations in Vallecito Reservoir is a function of the two purposes for which the PRP was constructed – flood control and irrigation.  In addition, weather patterns have a significant impact on the elevation shifts of the Reservoir (i.e., drought and flooding conditions, etc.).  Article 13 of the May 8, 2020, Concession Contract states the following: “Reclamation and the District reserve the right to regulate water levels and allow fluctuations according to operational needs.”  With that said, the PRID will continue to evaluate the impacts of Reservoir elevation adjustments on recreation activities, and to work and communicate with our recreation partners to minimize impacts to recreation as much as possible.


Sustainability of the PRP Recreation Program

In the 1950’s, Vallecito Reservoir had seven marinas operating simultaneously.  Permitting this many marinas to operate together was likely a major factor in the non-sustainable marina industry at the Reservoir.   The PRID will implement a sustainable study approach to determining the viability of marina services to occur at the Reservoir. In short, the PRID desires to develop a sustainable and model recreation program.


Annual Public Recreation Meetings

The PRID, in conjunction with the BOR, will host an annual recreation meeting with the general public and area businesses, to acquire their thoughts and input regarding meaningful and insightful ways to improve recreation opportunities at the PRP.


Maintain Recreation Relationships

The PRID enjoys an excellent working relationship with the: BOR, VCSA, VMYC, VNC and Landowners and other area interests. We share a common perspective that Recreation at the PRP is best achieved through a community minded/centered approach where Recreation dollars stay in the Vallecito Community area for the benefit of the community and points beyond.  Every effort will be expended to continue to foster and build these partnership relationships associated with the PRP, and more specifically, its recreation component. Starting 2023 the PRID will sponsor an annual public meeting, prior to the May 1st opening of the Marina, to seek public input on recreation activities and other activities of interest on the Pine River Project.