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Mike Canterbury

Position: Dam Tender
Mike Canterbury, Dam Tender

Mike was born and raised in Louisiana.  He came west at 17 years old to visit relatives who had moved to Durango, Colorado.  During his stay, he fell in love with Southwest Colorado, and the San Juan Mountains.  He then chose to make the area his home.  Mike finished his high school education in Durango, while seeking employment opportunities that would finance and continue his new residency.  As is typical of Mike, with his ever-present attitude of “No job too big, and no job too small,” he met the challenge of establishing hisself in the area with resolve and determination - he starting washing dishes at Tamarron Resort.  Shortly thereafter, he was hired as a summer helper at the Pine River Irrigation District.  Mike became skilled and accomplished at every job he undertook (i.e., running work crews, welding, heavy equipment operations, and the ins and outs of running a multi-million dollar irrigation project and power plant, etc.).  In 2006, the Dam Tender position was vacanted, and a wonderful opportunity unfolded in front of this young man who was by then taylor-made for the daunting position.  Mike and Megan, Mike’s wife, live in the Dam Tender's House onsite.  They have two children, Micha and Jonah who brighten not only the lives of their parents, but the lives of the PRID staff as well.  As referenced above, Mike is best known for his impeccable work ethic, skill set, and his ability to weather adversity with a big smile and a “can do” attitude.